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Podiatrist Northampton

We are a community based Chiropody Clinic Northampton providing foot and ankle pain treatments by fully qualified HCPC registered Practitioner.

The Foot Clinic

34 Billing Rd, Npton. NN1 5DQ

Free parking at front and rear.    Click here for directions.

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We are Open During COVID and our Staff have been Vaccinated.

What is Podiatry

This is an area of healthcare that focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the feet and lower limbs. They treat a wide range of problems from problems with the nails and skin to conditions of tendons, ligaments and bone.

Our Chiropodist in Northampton has a Degree in Podiatric Medicine and Regulated by The Health & Care Professions Council, HCPC. Mr Fox is also a member of The Royal College of Podiatry and The Royal Society of Medicine.

Conditions Treated

We can offer you basic foot treatment in Northampton for nail cutting including fingernail cutting for the elderly, hard skin removal, callus and corn removal or itchy toes and itchy feet to more advanced treatments like toenail problems that require ingrowing toenail surgery for the removal of infected or ingrown nails.  Laser treatment for fungal nail infections is available and we have an offer at the moment, saving you £100's. See the costs of other clinics here.

Shin Splits, knee pain and hip pain in sports injuries

Guna homeopathic injections for osteoarthritis in the foot or knee.

Ingrowing toenail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, Nail surgery in Northampton is a  permanent solution.

Laser Verruca treatment, Laser Wart treatment or Laser Fungal Nail treatment. We have had great success with Laser Therapy for verrucas on the feet or treatment for warts on the fingers or anywhere on your body but we do offer other verruca treatments. There is acid treatment, electrocautery, dry needling for verrucas under local anaesthetic or verruca treatment and wart surgery under LA or a combination of the above. Our Podiatrist does not use Cryotherapy for verrucas due to poor results and you will find your GP no longer offers this treatment.

Treatment for verrucas on child. Treatment for warts on childrens hands.

Pain in the heels while walking?

We see many patients with heel pain. Plantar Fasciitis, pronounced fash-e-i-tis is the most common. There are many other conditions affecting the heel like heel spurs or plantar calcaneal bursitis (Policemans heel), child pain in the heels (Sever's Disease) and many more.

We can also offer custom made orthotics and steroid injections including  anaesthesia, Guna Collagen injections in small joints and the knees or just advise on physiotherapy. Strapping is also available.

Skin Tag Removal in Northampton is available under local anaesthetic, ring for more information.

Children's Foot Problems. Insoles for children can be made especially for flat feet, intoeing or out-toeing, insoles for severs disease, insoles for low arches or high arches. Orthotics for children who play sports & more.

See below for more information and treatments.

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Heel Pain when walking, Heel Spur, severe heel pain and can't walk, bottom of heel pain or side of heel pain? We can help give us a ring.


Below you can find out in more detail some of the treatments our team can offer. This does not cover all the treatments available. If you have a problem with your feet or lower limbs ring us on
01604 422772

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Our Podiatry Clinic is at 34 Billing Rd Northampton NN1 5DQ. Free Car Park at Rear. Tel 01604 422772

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Basic Chiropody

You may just need regular nail cutting or have hard skin or need painful corn removal in Northampton. Or maybe a one off treatment?

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Verrucas & Warts

Our Podiatrist Npton is the only one in Northampton offering Laser for verrucas & Warts.

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Ingrowing Toenails

Our Chiropody Clinic in Northampton has surgically removed over 2000 ingrowing toenails under local anaesthetic.

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Painful Ingrowing Toenail Surgery while on antibiotics is possible Ring Us

Ingrowing Toenails

Though you do not not antibiotics if you have an infected ingrowing toenail if you are on them it is OK to have surgery. Antibiotics will not get rid of the ingrowing nail it will still be there.
Call Us to have your ingrown toenail removed permanently.
chiropodist northampton

Genital Warts

We can treat genital warts with a combination of Laser & podophyllotoxin. Give us a call in confidence.

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Treatment for dry cracked heels in northampton


We can help with your painful bunions with orthotics, injection therapy or surgery.

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Your Diabetes can cause fungal nails, athletes foot and dry itchy skin. Your skin can also look discoloured with Diabetes.

Diabetes and Feet

We can assess you for Diabetes. We can check your blood glucose level and also undertake neurological tests to see if your diabetes is causing peripheral neuropathy. We also check diabetics blood supply to the feet. Do you have tingling or numbness in the feet, if so make an appointment to rule out diabetes.
Ingrowing toenail surgery in northampton

Injection Therapy

Steroid Injections

We can offer you corticosteroid injections for painful joints, steroid injection for gout, heel pain or mortons neuroma.

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Injection Therapy


Osteoarthritic joints can be injected with Ostenil to provide lubrication and to promote cartilage regeneration in synovial joints, big toe, ankle & knee. Course of 3 injections.

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Removal of Ingrowing toenails Northampton

Injection Therapy

Ostenil Plus

Ostenil Plus is double the strength of Ostenil and you only need one injection. Ostenil is a solution containing Hyaluronic Acid for the treatment of osteoartritis in the knee or osteoarthritis with a bunion or pain in other small joints or ankle also knee arthritis.

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Injection Therapy

Prolotherapy and Guna

We can inject medical grade glucose in to the joint spaces and soft tissue to promote healing. Local anaesthetics are also used. The function of Guna is structual. It replaces, strengthens and protects and builds on the histological structure of the collagen fibres. Guna is a homeopathic medicine for use in small joints and knees for osteoarthritis and muscle pain.

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Chiropody Clinic Northampton

We take cleanliness very seriously. Our New Chiropody Clinic has just been built, it was opened on the 1st January 2021. Everything in the clinic is new.
There are 4 steps taken when cleaning all instruments.
what causes painful feet

Step 1

All instruments are scrubbed.

How to treat a painful corn

Step 2

All instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

treatment for really thick nails

Step 3

The instruments are then placed in the steriliser. This operates under pressure at 134 degrees Celsius and then they go through a drying process.

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Step 4

The instruments are the stored in an Ultraviolet UV Cabinet until needed.

Chiropody Clinic Northampton

About our Podiatrist

Mr Fox BSc(Hons), DPodM, FAAFAS(USA), MRCPod, RSM.

Mr Fox Graduated with a Degree in Podiatry from Leicester University in 1996. He has worked in the NHS, Harrods of Knightsbridge and Private Practice and is Registered with the HCPC.

Mr Fox treats all foot and lower limb problems but specialises in minor surgery for ingrowing toenails and verrucas together with Laser Therapies for warts, verrucas and fungal nails.

History of Chiropody & Podiatry

chiropody as an area of professional practice within health care concerned with the care and treatment of disorders of the feet has had both ancient and modern elements in its development. Whilst some health care professions (radiography and occupational therapy amongst others) are products purely of the twentieth century, chiropody, like dentistry is best understood as an older health-related craft reformed under twentieth-century conditions. The forebears of modern-day chiropodists were the itinerant corn-cutters of past centuries who plied their trade at fairs, markets, and in the streets. Little is known in detail about the history of corn-cutters, but by 1845 Lewis Durlacher, a leading British practitioner, was drawing a distinction between the new professional chiropodist and the humble journeyman cutter.

Durlacher argued that the treatment of foot conditions should become a firmer part of medical practice of his day, and that in particular those with ‘the requisite surgical information’ after examination should be granted a license to distinguish them from untrained corn-cutters. His attempts to create a trained and recognized new class of practitioner did not come to fruition for nearly half a century, when a ‘Pedic Society’ was founded in NY followed in GB in 1912 by the Society of Chiropodists. Foot care at this time was becoming a major business area, which may have stimulated these professional responses. The Scholl remedial footwear firm had developed in the US, successfully responding to market needs, and had opened its first London branch in 1910. British doctors of the day were generally not interested in this area as part of their practice, and only a dedicated few served as mentors, patrons, and examiners for the new Society of Chiropodists. However, by 1923 its journal, The Chiropodist, was presenting the new profession as a collateral branch of medicine in line with Durlacher's earlier ambitions, drawing its scientific principles into a neglected but now crucially important area of health care practice.

The ambitions of the British chiropodists were very much influenced in the 1920s by the general position of dentistry. Dentists were trained, licensed surgical practitioners with a ‘body site’ of their own, separate commercial premises under their own control, and amicable relationships with other medical practitioners. Although previously licensed by the Royal College of Surgeons, they had attained self regulation in 1921 — but attempts by chiropodists to follow this example with a parliamentary bill in 1928 was strongly resisted by organized, professional medical lobbyists. The British Medical Association's position was to oppose any other class of practitioner outside the formal jurisdiction of the medical profession. Chiropody was modestly defined in the bill as ‘the diagnosis and medical, mechanical or surgical treatment of foot ailments such as abnormal nails, bunions, corns, warts and callosities but not the performance of operations for which an anaesthetic is required’, but this was not enough to disarm extensive professional rivalries in the inter-war years.

Nevertheless, after further decades of boundary disputes with medicine, chiropody in Britain finally achieved state registration or licensing in 1960, largely within the terms of the above definition. In the meantime, podiatry had developed within chiropody, as a specialized and more surgically ambitious area of bone surgery. The Canadian province of Ontario. for example, now specifically licenses podiatry as ‘cutting into osseous tissues of the metatarsals and toes of the foot, including osteotomies and joint surgery’ including associated diagnosis. This more advanced type of practice is now internationally common and corresponds with the earlier ambitions of the turn-of-the-century professional modernizers and their vision of a collateral profession. As with other one-time medical auxiliary occupations, chiropody training in recent times has been incorporated into higher education, and now holds a secure place in the broad medical division of labour as one of the preventative and remedial health professions. Students are trained on graduate programmes to offer treatments in the area of biomechanics, sorts medicine and bone surgery under local anaesthesia, in addition to the more traditional concerns with corns, in-growing toenails, veruccas, and local injections. The fully-trained professional group suffers, in its own view, from unfair competition from untrained practitioners, and thus like all professions in such circumstances tries to prohibit their practice, but this claim in Britain at least has not so far been legally successful. Arguably it is more likely that chiropody's next phase of development will lie in even closer links with related medical, surgical, and health professional areas, particularly as health policies try both to contain health care costs and to support increasingly aged populations. Developments in podiatry, however professionally important, may remain a relatively minor part of chiropody's future compared with its wider co-operation with GPs, dieticians, physiotherapists, and others working in primary care services.

Gerry V. Larkin


Larkin, G. V. (1983). Occupational monopoly and modern medicine. Tavistock, London and New York.

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Parking is available FREE in our own Car Park behind the clinic. Access is via Palmerston Road next to the clinic, see map.
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