Custommade Silicone ear plugs

We make earplugs especially for you, no more uncomfortable earplugs that itch or fall out these are moulded to fit your ear and no-one else's. While we mainly make them for sleeping they are also ideal for machinery operators, builders ear plugs, musicians ear plugs, custom made earplugs for swimming and just about everyone who needs ear protection with our silicone moulded custom-made earplugs in Northampton.

Our ultra soft custom-fit range of sleeping ear plugs block out noise. They are also

They are perfect for a good sleep without interruption.

Ideal for traveling, night workers, light sleepers or those with noisy partners.

Ear plugs for sleeping come as skin pink, you cannot have an alternative colour..   They will help you change your sleep pattern for good.

Please be aware they are not guaranteed to reduce ambient noise levels to any greater degree than a standard foam earplug, but are designed to offer greater comfort & fit.

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