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Laser Verruca Removal, Wart Treatment & Combination Therapy available FREE

We are Open during COVID and are Staff have been Vaccinated.

Do NHS remove verrucas? Not any more due to funding. Your GP will send you to me.

Is it safe to remove verrucas with Laser? Yes, all ages can receive treatment.

34 Billing Road Abington Northampton. NN1 5DQ  Tel. 01604 422772

Verruca Wart Removal - Laser Therapy is available at our Podiatry - Chiropody Clinic using a YAG: Nd 532nm and 1064nm wavelength laser.

Verruca or Corn? We can tell you immediately which one it is. If you want to send me a picture I will be able to tell. Send it to this number preferably by WhatsApp. Or email here.

Current treatments include cryotherapy, acid treatments, electrocautery, dry needling and surgical excision for verrucas and warts. You may be offered a combination of the above treatments. Getting rid of warts yourself can cause infection so seek professional advise.

There is a 72% chance the verruca or wart could be resolved on the first treatment but it usually takes a few visits. For stubborn verrucas we can remove it surgically under local anaesthetic.

Removal of verrucas using cryotherapy is no longer available due to poor results and you will find not many clinicians including GP's offer this service.

The best verruca treatment for children is laser as it is not too distressing unlike other options and is relatively pain free. NHS verruca removal is no longer available, your GP will advise you to see a Podiatrist UK.

Laser therapy is very expensive costing between £200 to £500 per treatment but our Podiatrist in Northampton can offer you Laser Therapy for verrucas and Warts at a fraction of this cost, ring for prices.

Mr D. Fox Podiatrist in Northampton
Mr Fox BSc(Hons), DPodM, FAAFAS(USA), MCPod, RSM


I graduated in 1996 with a Degree from Leicester University Podiatric Medicine.

I treat all kinds of conditions relating to the feet and lower limbs. I specialise in minor surgery under local anaesthesia for Ingrowing Toenails together with Laser Therapy for Verrucas, Warts and Fungal Nails.

My day is very varied from nail cutting, callus and corns to surgery.