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Heel Pain Treatments in Northampton How To Cure Heel Pain

Heel pain can be very painful and has many different causes but by far the most common we see is Plantar Fasciitis (fash-e-eye-tis). Many people have heel pain and can't walk especially first thing in the morning.
Heel pain causes, Podiatrist Northampton

Podiatrist Northampton

Plantar Fasciitis

PF is caused by a thick band of tissue that runs from your heel to the toes (plantar Fascia). By far the most common cause of heel pain podiatrists see in clinic. PF is very painful first thing in the morning and feels like a stabbing pain under your foot. PF is common in runners, people with poorly fitting shoes with no arch support and people that are overweight causing the feet to collapse.

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Pain in heel in the morning, podiatry treatment Northampton

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Treatment 1 & 2

The first line of treatment we prescribe is a pair of custom made orthotics (orthopaedic insoles) to prevent your feet collapsing and stretching the plantar fascia. Orthotics are successful in the majority of cases but if the condition persists you may require a corticosteroid injection.

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heel pain in the morning, causes and treatment at the foot clinic northampton.

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treatment 3

Should other treatments fail to alleviate the pain you may require surgery by a Podiatric Surgeon or an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

We will refer you to an experienced Surgeon but this outcome is very rare.

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