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Ingrowing Toenail Surgery Northampton

Quick Appointment - Permanent Removal of ingrowing nails

Since Graduating in 1996 I have undertaken over 2000 ingrown toenail removal procedures.

Ingrowing nails can be caused by ill-fitting footwear, trauma, collapsed arches or it is genetic. There are many other reasons why it became ingrown.

Not all ingrowing nails need surgery and this will be discussed with you at the foot clinic. You can also send me a picture beforehand. Give us a ring for the telephone number to send it to.

The surgical procedure requires a local anaesthetic to numb the toe and the side of the nail removed, not the whole nail. (see picture below). A chemical will then be applied to ensure the nail does not re-grow so you will never have another ingrown nail there again.

You can be pain free in less than 30 minutes. If you need surgery do not drive yourself home from the podiatry clinic. You can bring along someone else to sit in with you and drive.

ingrowing toenail removal Northampton podiatrist

Ingrown Toenail Surgery Northampton

As you can see from the picture the side of the nail on the offending side has been removed. This is a picture 3 weeks post operation.

This gentleman will never suffer with an ingrowing nail again on that side.